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Welcome to Studio192 !

One Step To Borderless Music.

Our goal is to bring you Music, 24/7, at your desktop, laptop, mobile phone,tablet, or just at our livestream. Our programs doesn't contain any (audio) commercials, so 24/7 music is guaranteed !

We're also trying to get as much music, created by amateur musicians, as possible and bring them to the rest of the world. So, IF you are an amateur musician, and want your music to be played at our station, upload it through the Dropbox with the link below,please.

Upload YOUR music to our DropBox.

Latest Events news archive

1St Of Februari, 2021
COINPOT is closing down his service(s) , for more info,see the Bitcoin Page.
4Th Of Januari, 2021
Completed the bitcoin page (Main-Index , Top menu) in case you're interested at mining BitCoins.
2Nd Of Of Januari, 2021
Added a weather widgwet at the bottom of the page, where you can see if it's going to rain in the next 3 Hours in Apeldoorn.
2Nd Of Januari, 2021
Added a visitor counter at the bottom of the Main Index.
2Nd Of Januari, 2021
Today we've spend some time to bring you some good news about the BitCoin INTEREST at Luno's. You can find the info at the bottom of the "BitCoin-Page", we haven't had the time to change the rest of the page, but the good news is allready there.
29Th Of December, 2020
At Last ! We're back, thanks to a small hick-up in the MoDem,we where not able of getting that darned server on-line. After a few weeks of searching, debugging and restoring some data,it (finnaly) WORKS ! At this moment,only the website is available, we're still working at the musicstream. Until Very Soon.
25Th Of November, 2020
Tody we've changed some data at the contact-page,and we even managed to get Google Maps pointing to a more exact location (The Centre Of Apeldoorn) than before. Phonenumber is coming soon (when we're up and running 24/7 again.) see the also the social media options at that page.
11Th Of November, 2020
We Moved House ! And IP-Adres, and a lot of other stuff,in our spare time,we're working to get things going again, but our provider isn't as fast as we like them to be ! They are looking for a "disconnection" somewhere, because when I editted this, we are waiting for our connection for three weeks now. :-(