BitCoins, Here Are Your Best Options To Start Mining.

Helping you out,getting free BitCoins.

Everyone heard the big stories about earning BitCoins on-line now, yep, you CAN earn BitCoins on-line, but you won't be rich in no-time ! But (However) you can make some extra money, through one of the options, spoken about at this page. Even if you use ALL the options at the same time, there's NO way you can become (filthy) rich by using them. Pocketmoney..... that's (in more than one case) true.

NEVER invest ANY money in ANY kind of BitCoin program without beeing sure about what you're doing.

At First.

We will like to introduce you to CryptoTab. CryptoTab is an extension for Google Chrome, once installed, it looks almost the same as the original Chrome, your Favorites and links are copied to the new "Browser", also your saved passwords are available at what they call your "CryptoTab Browser". It just looks simulair to your good, old Google Chrome. BUT there is more than Chrome offers, while using this (modified) Browser, you're able of "Mining" bitcoins, in short, if you are using this browser, you're earning BitCoin doing so. The mining-speed where CryptoTab works at, is approx. between 37 H/s and 35458 H/s, higher hasrate's (Mining Speed) are available at your computer with a better CPU, the better the CPU, the higher the Hashrate.

You can also install Cryptobrowser at more computers if you have more than one computer available. You can add as many computers as you like at your network. (Or better, the ones wich you have available.) It works on your DeskTop,Laptop,and even on IOS and Android devices. You can test it at your tablet if you have one available. We're running them at multiple devices and it seems to work very good and easy.

You can even add a "downline" (Affiliates) and that will go "Down" to 10 levels of downline users. So in case you have friends,family or any other people who are interested, just add them in your "Downline" and they also will have the benefit of mining BitCoin while their computer is not in use for any other tasks. (Allthough, you can still use your browser DURING the mining of BitCoin, or the other way arround.

In case you want to have alook at the website of CryptoTab, take a look HERE to see what it is,and how it works. OR you can use any link wich refers to CryptoTab at this page.

Crypto Wallets.

A Crypto Wallet is nothing more than a on-line bankaccount, mend for transactions with your BitCoins (Or any other crypto-coin). At a Wallet, you can send and receive the crypto-currency that you've earned mining those Bitcoins. But (however) crypto currency is only just interesting if you can exchange them for real-life money (EUR,USD), at Luno, you're able of keeping track of three kinds of currency, EUR,BTC and ETH, you can also exchange those coins for real money, and you can buy Bitcoins or ETH for just plain euro's, or Dollars. After you receive any BitCoin at you account, you're able of exchanging them to your regular bankaccount for Euro's or Dollars.

Crypto Tab for Google Chrome.

Start mining for BitCoins at your chrome browser. (Free)

This Google Chrome extension is a nice one, it's free, and once installed it's mining Bitcoins without any investment. You can get The CryptoTab either at the link at the right site of the page, or by clicking the CryptoTab Picture above. You're free to decide for yourself how fast your system (PC) will work to mine BitCoins for you by a speed-slider. If you're using your PC yourself, set the speed-slider to "LOW" , and if you're not using your computer, you can slide it to "HIGH", even when you're busy at an other tab, and the CryptoTab is "OFF" , it will continue to work for you. Not a real big miner, but always handy to have it on hand when you're not using your computer yourself.

Fast BTC news.

COINPOT is stopping his service(s)

During a log-on at COINPOIT we've found a page-wide message that Coinpot is stopping ALL of his services at Februari 1St 2021. Also all connected faucets (Bitoin, Dash, Litecoin) are closed down. COINPOT is promising us a brand new service wich they can't tell us about (yet). In case you want more info about this close down, refer to the main page at COINPOT. As soon as trere is more news, wil will keep you updated. In the meantime, all COINPOT-LINKS from this sitet to COINPOT are removed. If there is news about the new project we will let you know a.s.a.p.

Luno Crypto Wallet Offers Interest Over Your BitCoin Wallet

Get Interest over your BitCoin wallet at Luno. Since a while, you can transfer your BTC from your wallet, to a savings-account at Luno. At that savings-account, they give you a (Max.) interest of 4% per month. That is even more than any bank in Europe ,or the U.S. will give you on your savings. Your transfered BTC will still be reachable for you, BUT (However) Depositing and Whithdrawing will take a little longer to manage. Your BTC, and de interest you earn, are used to lend your BTC to other people/firms. That is also the reason that transfering your BitCoin from your savings-account to your regular wallet take a little longer than you are used to.

(I have a Luno account,and it works great, at the 1St of the month, your interest is added to your (BTC Savings) account, and withdrawable to your regular wallet) You can find Luno Here