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Welcome to Studio192 CB Index.

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8Th Of April, 2032
Today, We started to try to get connected to the 11M Reapeter system in Holland (27.1750 Mhz. (Ch.18 - FM Send) 27.0850 Mhz. (Ch.11 - FM Receive) to see if we can use this connection through "Teamspeak" up and running. Just for the sake of experiment. More info follows at a later date.
8Th Of April, 2021
You can find a DX Cluster now at the CB Index mainmenu. You can check here what DX conditions are at the moment, 11 M. (27 Mhz) is not in this list, but when you check 10M here, you also have an overview at the conditions at 11M.
4Th Of September, 2017
LINK Today we've spend at creating a page where you can either subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletter.So, in case you're interested in our montly newsletter, check out the link, and subscribe to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe any time you want.
1St Of September, 2017
Made some minor adjustments to the site, and the software that serve's it, starting today, "Incoming" is a regular program, playing all the contributions of amateur musicians in the same hour. If you want your music te be played at the same program, JUST upload it HERE , and we make sure your music is also played at the "Incoming" show at Friday.
4Th Of February, 2017
In the meantime, we've started to build the shows we will bring to you. We're going for an "horizontal" program were you can find the same kind of music, at the same time of the day, every day. We're proud to annouce that we COMPLETLY filled Wednesday with the best female artists we could find. SO, are uou into Girly's Music ? Join in at Wednesday (24/7).
3Th Of March, 2017
We've added a page with our most active sponsors, you can also see as the "link page" , through this page, you're able of supporting the station, without spending extra money, so, if you're looking for a product : Check this page first,please.